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C is a mid-level programming language. Tracing its roots back to the early days of UNIX, today it is most often used for microcontrollers as well as legacy codebases. It has largely been displaced by C++ and higher-level languages in mainstream programming, however, some programmers still prefer to use C whenever possible due to its lightweight, "close to the metal" nature (compared to interpreted languages like JavaScript) and relative simplicity (compared to C++).

OO languages?

It's a mess. Programming in C is better than anything they got over there.

The syntax might seem much sweeter, where objects and subtypes play, but frills like Inheritance, will only get in the way!

Admire C's simple landscape, efficiently dangerous! No templates or fancy pitfalls, like Java and C++.

Program in C

Program in C - Pointers, assembly, manage your memory with malloc() and free()!

Don't sink your app in runtime bloat, software in C will stay afloat. Do what you want there, close to the hardware, program in C![1]