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It's very easy to edit the contents of the wiki:

  1. Click the "Edit" page tab at the top of the page, or the "Edit source" for the plain-text editor.
  2. Make changes to the page.
  3. Click the "Save page" button.

Simple as that! Some pages may be protected, such as the main page or the templates that are used on many pages.

Editing rules and formatting[edit source]

The number one rule here is to be bold. Just do it! Make your dreams come true! If you make a mistake or can't find the right words, it can be corrected later, so have confidence and give it a try!

Edits may be big as adding multiple paragraphs or small as fixing a typo. In general, try to add and edit text so that it is clear and concise. Most importantly, make sure you are always aiming to do something which improves the contents.

You're welcome and encouraged to include humor and memes in pages so long as the contents remain accurate and helpful.

Lastly, do your best to keep pages politically neutral and describe subjects as a matter of fact or observation, rather than your interpretation. This wiki aims to be for educational use for everyone interested in robowaifus. Ad hominem attacks and name calling are not welcome here.

Note, this does not mean pages need to be politically correct. The truth should not be compromised because someone is offended by it or disagrees with it, but any controversial statements should be backed up with references. The wiki is about information and knowledge, not opinion, and it's fine to disagree with the opinions that some people have.

Formatting[edit source]

When you need to use new headings or format text, you can do this using wiki syntax or the buttons in the edit toolbar above the text editor. See Help:Formatting for common formatting used.

Edit summary[edit source]

Before you save a change you can enter a short note (must be shorter than 500 characters) in the "Summary" box describing your changes. Don't worry too much about this, or spend too much time thinking about it: just put in a short description of what you just changed. For example, you might say "fixed typo" or "added more information about sunflowers". This summary gets stored alongside your edit, and allows people to track changes in the wiki more effectively.

If you remove information from a page, you must include a reason in your summary why it was removed. Large removals of information or differences in opinion should be discussed on the page's "Discussion" page tab before making edits.

Protected pages[edit source]

Pages that are protected cannot be edited by anyone except users of a specific group. Protected pages will instead display "View source" instead of edit. In that case, to edit a protected page, contact a user who has permission to edit it. The default protection levels are:

  • None, all users can edit
  • Autoconfirmed, prevents edits by new and unregistered users
  • Sysop, prevent edits by all users except administrators