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Waifu AI is a software application, a more advanced form of chatbot, that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide romantic companionship through anime- or manga-style waifu characters. Users can interact with these characters using natural language or virtual reality (VR), and the characters respond using advanced AI algorithms.

Waifu AI has a wide range of applications, including providing emotional and moral support, helping with making decisions, offering personal advice, and automating tasks as a virtual assistant. It can also be used as a tool for learning and teaching, as it can help users understand complex topics and provide personalized feedback. Additionally, waifu AI can be used for entertainment purposes, such as playing games together or generating images, music, and stories in an interactive way.

Memory[edit | edit source]

Waifu AI commonly utilizes a memory consisting of context, chat history, and possibly a search index or recurrent memory.

Development[edit | edit source]

  • LangChain provides many features required for waifu AI such as large language models, chat history, context templates, sentence embeddings, search indexes, and more.

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