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YouTube[edit | edit source]

  • Yannic Kilcher is a researcher and YouTuber who focuses on explaining deep learning research papers. He has a PhD in computer science from ETH Zurich and has worked on projects involving deep learning, structured learning, and optimization for large and complex datasets. On his YouTube channel, he makes videos about recent developments in machine learning research, such as paper analyses, fun projects, and the infamous ML News.
  • 3Blue1Brown is a popular math-focused YouTube channel created by Grant Sanderson. The channel provides animated explanations and visualizations of complex mathematical concepts. Some of the topics covered by 3Blue1Brown include calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations. In addition to math, the channel also covers topics like computer science and machine learning.
  • Aladdin Persson is a popular YouTube channel that features videos related to machine learning, deep learning, and other random topics. The channel provides a vast collection of educational resources and free tutorials on topics such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, computer vision, natural language processing, and more. Aladdin Persson is a machine learning engineer and his videos are suitable for beginners who are starting to learn the basics of machine learning, as well as intermediate and advanced learners who want to explore deeper into the field.
  • Aleksa Gordi is a machine learning researcher and Youtuber who runs "The AI Epiphany" channel, where he teaches others about AI and machine learning. He has over 135,000 subscribers on his channel and has posted dozens of videos, including tutorials on building neural networks from scratch using JAX, TensorFlow, and PyTorch, among other topics.
  • Dr. Alan D. Thompson is an AI expert who has a strong presence on YouTube. He has a channel called "Life Architect - The Memo" with over 50k subscribers, where he shares videos about artificial intelligence and its impact on society.
  • Two Minute Papers is a YouTube series that showcases and explains interesting research works in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence. The channel's host, Károly Zsolnai-Fehér, provides entertaining and engaging explanations of complex research papers, aiming to make the research accessible to a wider audience.
  • AItrepreneur is a YouTube content creator who makes videos about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and new technology. They have a YouTube channel where they share tutorials and educational content related to these topics.
  • Koischizo follows and covers recent trends in machine learning and has created an AI waifu Koishi.

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