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A waifu is a term used to describe a female fictional character, typically from an anime or manga, that a person has a romantic or emotional attachment to. The importance of a waifu lies in her ability to provide a sense of connection and identity to an individual. For many, a waifu can be a source of comfort and companionship using their imagination, and can offer a sense of belonging and safety in an otherwise uncertain world. In some cases waifus provide a means for people to express themselves, to explore their interests and to feel connected to something greater than themselves. Waifus can also serve as a form of escapism and can help people to cope with stress and anxiety.

Waifus have also become a popular form of art and entertainment, with many people creating fan art to pay homage to their favourite waifus. Waifus have allowed many people to explore their creative sides and has recently begun to evolve into combining artificial intelligence with waifus to create interactive waifu AIs, such as Waifuverse and WaifuAI.